Musings of a bon vivant in Hong Kong

Congee memories


This is my first foray as humble blogger and as it is food orientated, I suppose it is only appropriate that I write this whilst recovering from a lunch food coma and preparing myself for a dinner of epic proportions.

One of my first memories of food is of my Grandma feeding me Teochew congee with pig’s blood. As I was only 3 years old at this time, I’m guessing that she was probably extremely relieved that I ate this strange concoction with no complaints, but maybe that was because I was distracted by a double episode of He-Man and She-Ra on the TV.

After my childhood years of being slowly introduced to different cuisines, I have turned into somewhat of a food monster and this has manifested itself in me seeming like I’m constantly hungry and always thinking of food. I love food smells and one of my favourite smells of all time is fried bacon, followed closely by a freshly baked cake and I have discovered that I’m not all that repulsed by the smell of stinky tofu (or chou tofu). I am also absolutely ecstatic that I have a few friends that will eat the “hate it or love it” fruit Durian, which is amazing as I’m pretty sure only 0.5% of the world’s population like it.

After my move to Hong Kong, I was struck by the variety of food on offer, and very soon I was losing track of where I’d been and what I’d eaten. This turned into daily ramblings of “where did we eat such and such”, “have we been there before”, “maybe that’s the place…hmmm did we have French onion soup there?”.

So as I talk, sleep and breathe food 24/7, I decided that I should invest my energies productively, hence ChopstixFix is really a blog for me to pour all my musings on food and drink onto paper (figuratively speaking) and share my love of food and my photos with the world. I will also have a faithful record of my adventures!

I hope you enjoy ChopstixFix and try out some of the places I’ve been to. Look out for my entry on tonight’s dinner..I’ll be trying an Izakaya 🙂

Author: chopstixfix

Michelle Ng is a Brit born Chinese-Malaysian who has loved food since time immemorial. She is a firm believer in "Live to Eat, not Eat to Live".

5 thoughts on “Congee memories

  1. Looking forward to regularly reading your blog – and yes, there should be a campagin to bring durian to the masses, a largely underrated and misunderstood fruit! x

  2. i’ve only discovered your blog, it makes a truly nice reading!
    well done!
    looks like you’re doing just fine and celta days are only a distant memory now.
    i’ll follow your culinary adventures from now on.
    wishing you the best.

  3. An avid fan already…I get to read what I can’t get to eat here. Brilliant! xxx

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