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Triple Ooohhh


McDonald’s, Burger King, Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Hamburger Union, Ed’s Diner- these are the places I used to go to for my burger fix back in London. I’m not a burger fiend by any means but I do love stuffing my face on the odd occasion with a good sized burger with lots of melted cheese, a gherkin and some chips.

However, little did I know that Hong Kong would have a burger chain to top all the above places that would literally leave me salivating at the mere thought of one of their burgers.

J could not wait to drag me to Triple O’s when I first got to HK. At first I was nonchalant and was like “What’s the big deal? We’ve had burgers before!” But J was insistent, and one day he succeeded in taking me to the Triple O’s in Pacific Place, Admiralty. Now, it always helps to be fairly hungry before you eat a burger as I find the satisfaction level is higher and boy oh boy was I glad I had my appetite.

I had the BC burger with chips and gravy- whooooahhhhh, tastebud heaven!!

1- I LOVE LOVE LOVE chips with gravy, so this was pure ambrosia for me.

2- The BC burger is made with 100% beef patty, cheese, lettuce, tomato, the famous Triple O sauce and 2 strips of bacon– bonus! And all for just $66 for a “combo”- burger, chips and a soft drink.

3- The beef is unbelievable- moist, juicy and packed with flavour.

4- The dill/ gherkin is nicely folded away separately from the burger as an “optional” addition- genius.

So, all I want to say is, if you’re in Hong Kong, you love burgers, good value and a quick service and you still haven’t eaten at Triple O’s, get yourself down there now- it’s a crime not to! Obviously it all comes down to personal taste but I reckon you’ll agree with me.

As well as their normal burger menu, they also have a breakfast menu which is very good too. You can order extra toppings for your burgers and apparently you can order a low carbohydrate burger should you have a dietary requirement but don’t want to miss out on the Triple O experience.

What’s the Triple O sauce? Haven’t a clue, it’s a secret, but I don’t care because it’s YUM.

Triple O’s got its name from the 60’s when the burger servers would write down OOO for extra sauce or XXX for no sauce as short hand on their orders. White Spot is actually the parent company in Vancouver which first opened its doors in 1928 and is a full sized normal restaurant chain. Triple O’s is the fast food burger concept.

Anyway, so at the weekend J and I each had a BC burger and I relished every bite. If I could drink the gravy that came with my chips I would’ve…but that’s just disgusting.

Chopstick rating: 4/5

Triple O’s: $$$$$$$$$$

Admiralty: LG1, Great Food Hall, Pacific Place / Central: Shop 10, 1/F,  Exchange Square / Causeway Bay: Citysuper, Basement, Times Square / TST: Level 3, Citysuper, Harbour City / Wan Chai: Shop 121, 1/F, Harbour Centre, 25 Harbour Road / Shatin: Shop 128, Level 1, Newtown Plaza.

Author: chopstixfix

Michelle Ng is a Brit born Chinese-Malaysian who has loved food since time immemorial. She is a firm believer in "Live to Eat, not Eat to Live".

3 thoughts on “Triple Ooohhh

  1. Ah – reminds me of the time phil ate that huge burger with onion rings. I was so jealous of his lunch, even if we’d just eaten durian pudding. nice post!

  2. Oh yeah!! I’d completely forgotten about that haha. Thanks mate 🙂 makes me hungry again just thinking about it..

  3. simple yet satisfying … exactly what we all needed after a long day of work! 🙂

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