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Dessert Quest (North Point adventures Part 2)

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My friends and I have a bit of a sweet tooth. In fact, we’re dessert mad. Even though we had finished our feast at Tung Po Seafood just 5 minutes before, we were all craving something sweet to cleanse the palate and round off a Sunday evening of gormandizing (my new favourite, food related word) 🙂

7 of us huddled in front of the Cooked Food Center looking a bit lost. “This is not my area!” DY “the Imperial taster” declared. “Well, it’s not any of ours either!” said Krispy K. “Let’s start walking and see if we can find anything” someone else said. Wise words indeed as I’ve found that one tends to stumble across really cool places when you’re least expecting it.

We started walking in a random direction and thought we spotted a dessert place across the road but to our chagrin it was just a normal noodle shop. It wasn’t until J pointed out the street sign that we realised we could be onto something good. “Look where we are!” said J, pointing furiously at the road sign. We gazed up and lo and behold “Tong Shui Street”. Woooo we thought, lots of dessert places must be down here! In fact, it turned out there were no such establishments but a helpful lady told Krispy K to walk to the road opposite and we would find our sweets.

After nearly getting run over by a tram, a taxi and several people carting their wares on iron wheelie carts (don’t forget North Point isn’t our area!) we saw lights ahead and what appeared to be photos of desserts! There were 2 dessert places to choose from at this end of the North Point Road, one looked quite traditional and the other had bright lights and lots of photos of ice desserts. We decided to go for the latter “大良八記” (Dai Loeng Baat Gei) as we were intrigued, and we were ushered in by an old lady and led to a booth in the back.

They only had Chinese menus which was slightly daunting but I was extremely chuffed that I could read enough to order my desired dessert which was a mango dau fu fa. JEd lover asked for a red bean and icecream shake dessert whilst J, Krispy K and Imperial taster chose from the shaved ice dessert menu. The “combo dessert” had 1 scoop of cookies and cream icecream, plus you could choose any flavoured shaved ice (e.g. blueberry, mango, guava, chocolate, coconut, strawberry) to go with it and 2 types of fruit.

The old lady taking our orders was hilarious, insisting on taking one person’s order then getting their dessert before returning to take the next order and so on. She also struck up a conversation and asked us why only Krispy K and JEd lover were talking in Canto while the boys spoke in English. Considering the hour (around 10.30pm) more and more people were coming into the cafe which shows that this place and maybe it’s staff are a local hit!

My mango dau fu fa was awesome. The mango was drenched in a mango sauce and made a refreshing contrast with the dau fu fa. The guys’ shaved ice desserts were amazing to look at and there was a lot of dessert envy from the rest of us who weren’t savvy enough to get the same.

Krispy K’s guava shaved ice with watermelon and sea coconut was gorgeous- the guava flavour was so intense, it was amazing that it was just shaved ice. J’s mango shaved ice was a cross between durian and mango and was quite strong whereas Imperial taster’s blueberry was light and refreshing. J commented that it would’ve been better if they had given them more fruit but nevertheless everyone was happy and satiated! A cool and random find in North Point indeed (especially at $173 for 6 desserts). 🙂

Chopstick rating: 3.5/5

大良八記 (Dai Loeng Baat Gei), Shop A, G/F, 15 North Point Road, North Point.


Author: chopstixfix

Michelle Ng is a Brit born Chinese-Malaysian who has loved food since time immemorial. She is a firm believer in "Live to Eat, not Eat to Live".

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