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The art of BBQ’ing


My friend P and I saw the Easter break as the perfect opportunity to combine the joys of the beach with a BBQ frenzy.

We organised a massive BBQ on Easter Monday at Shek O beach and rented a sheltered BBQ pit for 30 people.

The beauty of renting these private pits is that you can take the easy way out and pre-order food and a drink for every person! So all we did was bring some extra drinks, snacks and our appetites.

Annoyingly I caught a cough and a cold over Easter weekend and had partially lost my voice which meant I couldn’t go crazy BBQ’ing meat. Instead I watched with amusement as people piled on their skewers with several varieties of meatballs, fishballs, sausages, chicken wings and cuts of beef and pork. We also had an abundance of sweet potato and sweetcorn to get through which we placed around the coals.

It looked like some had BBQ strategies, basting their meat with honey and lovingly turning the skewers over after a set period of time.

Other simply stuck their skewers on the BBQ net and watched for signs of charring!

One friend R, did some extreme BBQ by placing 6 sausages and 2 meatballs on her skewer:

My friend W was the Pimms expert and whipped up the British tipple in my saucepan.

The cocktail was made with apples, oranges, lemons, mint, cucumber and lemonade. A variant can be made with ginger ale.

Another BBQ favourite was the roasting of marshmallows and the making of s’mores.  Traditionally, I’ve been told,  a s’more is made from sandwiching a roasted marshmallow and a layer of chocolate between 2 pieces of graham cracker. As we didn’t have graham crackers, some of the girls used chocolate digestives or plain digestive biscuits and nutella and then plonked a roasted marshmallow in between..yummmmmmm.

This is our friend S’s (aka s’more girl) masterpiece:

S’more satisfaction:

I also learnt how to do BBQ’d chocolate banana–>First, you make a vertical slit down the middle of a banana. Then you take a copious amount of nutella and smear it on the inside of the banana skin and over as much of the banana as possible. Next you close the banana skin, seal with more nutella and place the banana on the BBQ. What you get is a gorgeous yummy chocolate banana goo to stuff your face with. Nice!

An interesting variety of food on the BBQ net:

Chopstick rating: 5/5 ‘cos we LOVE BBQs!

Author: chopstixfix

Michelle Ng is a Brit born Chinese-Malaysian who has loved food since time immemorial. She is a firm believer in "Live to Eat, not Eat to Live".

9 thoughts on “The art of BBQ’ing

  1. looks so good, I pine for weather good enough to grill outside. That extreme skewer is so wrong, but otherwise, utterly scrumptious pics.

  2. OMG the nutella banana looks soooo good too! Next time I must give that a go!

  3. Your BBQ sounds great. I was going to plan a bbq at shek-o in few weeks but didn’t know you could book the pits – please could you let us know the number to call to book? I was worried about organising it and then arriving to find there was no space – but this would solve the problem.
    I definately plan to try the chocolate and marshmallows biscuit sandwich when we do go!

    • hi katy, thanks for reading the post! yes, at shek o you can either book out the private pits or do the public pits where it’s first come first serve. The BBQ people can actually provide food for you- sausages, chicken wings, sweet potatoes, beef balls, fishballs and sweetcorn and it’s around $150-200 per person including bottles of water for each person. Definitely try out the s’mores- a yummy end to the bbq! You can bring your own food and alcohol aswell. I will email you the numbers for the pits!

      • that sounds like a lot of fun! would you mind emailing me the numbers for the pits as well? thank you!

      • I know this is old post but see that you are still posting (Going to try out ChomChom because of your post). Was wondering if it was possible for you to share the number with me over email? Trying to plan a BBQ myself in a few weeks. Thanks!

      • Hi Hoa, thanks for your comment and glad you’re going to check out Chom Chom! Yes I will email the BBQ pit number to you!

  4. Am planning a BBQ event for my high school reunion this summer, and looking for a good BBQ place in Shek O. Just saw your post, looked like you guys had so much fun. Can you also email me the number of the BBQ pit? Thanks very much.

    • Thank you for stopping by the blog! Yes, I have had many BBQs at Shek-O and I’ve always had a wonderful time there! Will pop you an email now with the number 🙂

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