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Hubble Double Boil & Bubble

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Ser Wong Fun’s savoury medicinal herbal soups are excellent as winter warmers or in my case, simply to recover from air-conditioning induced hypothermia.

This Guangdong restaurant is famed for its snake soup but there are also over ten double boiled soups available each day for you to choose from. I found it quaint that they had the soups of the day written on wooden slats and hung on the wall. It gave the restaurant a more nostalgic feel, and for those possessed of more vivid imaginations, you can almost picture what it would have been like to eat there circa 1950s, when Ser Wong Fun was first established, some 60 years ago.MZ and I each tried a different soup- she went for the double boiled duck soup and I ordered the bog standard chicken soup. Despite the copious amounts of Chinese herbs thrown in, the soups were delicious and heart-warming, and we convinced ourselves that we felt healthier immediately (all in the mind of course, but herbs do that).We heard the claypot rice is meant to be quite good here, as are their congees, but between you and me, I think it’s worth taking a trip down to Temple Street instead for their claypot, as Ser Wong Fun’s was slightly bland and the chinese sausage a bit tough the last time I was there.

I found the meal a tad overpriced for what it is. For 2 soups, a veg dish and a plate of my all time fav deep fried squid, it came to $180 each and that was without us trying their famous snake soup and their signature dish Fish Head with Marinated Ginger and Bean Curd.

I did enjoy the soup however and fully intend to go back and sample a bit of serpent, so if anyone is adventurous and wants to investigate this delicacy with me, let me know!

Chopstixfix rating: 3/5

Ser Wong Fun, 30 Cochrane Street, Central. Opening times: 11am-10.30pm. Tel: 2543 1032


Author: chopstixfix

Michelle Ng is a Brit born Chinese-Malaysian who has loved food since time immemorial. She is a firm believer in "Live to Eat, not Eat to Live".

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