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Tiny bites of pleasure *CLOSED*


Riquiqui, or “Tiny” for the Francophones amongst you, is a wonderfully scrumptious new addition to the Lan Kwai Fong dining scene.

An intimate dessert bar hugs the open kitchen and allows you to watch Chef Amanda Cheng lovingly prepare your sweet treats while she enthusiastically explains each course in detail.

A three-course dessert set, including a drink, is offered at $200. The first and third courses are fixed, but the “main course” can be chosen from a menu that is changed daily. The only dessert regulars are the Pavlova and Napolean.There is no drinks menu but you may choose to have a glass of Chardonnay, Prosecco or dessert wine, a Mariage Frères tea or a coffee to accompany your courses.On my visit I had a truly exquisite cheesecake ball dipped in chocolate with a digestive cookie crumb coating as the first course.For mains, I went for the White Chocolate Mousse cube with a dark chocolate shell and Earl Grey ice-cream. My friend commented that this is what dreams are made of, and we thought the cube was inspired by the film Inception! The white chocolate mousse was faultless, creamy and smooth and offset perfectly by the dark chocolate shell that made a satisfying “crack” as you pierced through it. The ice-cream was beautiful; a delicate infusion of Earl Grey can be detected with a chocolatey edge.The last course was a Trio of Petite Fours. The malt Ovaltine bar was fantastic. Like a tall mug of Ovaltine, but compressed into a 2×2 inch bar, it was packed full of flavour and rounded off a fabulous night.

Absolutely one of the best places to go for dessert in HK. Can’t wait to go back, better prepare my waistline!

Chopstixfix rating: 4/5

Riquiqui, 2/F 12 Wellington Street, Central, HK. Tel: 2868 3302


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Author: chopstixfix

Michelle Ng is a Brit born Chinese-Malaysian who has loved food since time immemorial. She is a firm believer in "Live to Eat, not Eat to Live".

3 thoughts on “Tiny bites of pleasure *CLOSED*

  1. Riquiqui sounds fantastic, looks gorgeous and by the sound of your comments probably taste heavenly. The food featured is a nightmare for diabetes sufferers. Am going to HK in Nov and not visiting this place whilst there will be tantamont to a criminal offence of the highest …… fantastic article and loks sooooooooooooooooo yummy.

  2. Great Review! Really wanted to visit again soon! 🙂 … I miss their sweets!

    • @Gourmet King: Yes, it would be crime indeed to come all the way here and not try these scrumptious desserts! haha.

      @Jason: Thanks so much! I really appreciate the feedback 🙂 I went again the other night and had the fruit and chocolate pavlova…heaven.. Go again soon, especially if you want the pavlova- the summer is coming to an end and Amanda says it will be coming off the menu!

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