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Table For Two: A Meal For A Meal #biteforchange 15/07-16/08

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If you haven’t heard of Table For Two yet, then you should cruise by their website and take a look. A clever and worthy cause, TFT is an international organisation that focuses on ‘Global Food Imbalance’ by encouraging healthy dining and partnering with restaurants that have prepared nutritionally balanced TFT-branded meals. What does this do, I hear you say? TFT adds HK$2 to the price of these meals and it is this that is donated to provide school lunches for children in China and other countries such as Uganda, Rwanda and Ethiopia. Thus, you are simultaneously eating healthily yourself and giving a child somewhere in the world a nutritious meal aka Table for Two! The ‘food imbalance’ on which this whole idea is based upon, originates from the realisation that our world is currently in the midst of two extremes: starvation and malnutrition and overnutrition leading to conditions such as diabetes and obesity.tablefor2

In the last month (July 15- August 16), TFT has been working on a digital campaign called ‘A Meal For A Meal’ #biteforchange. To participate, all one needs to do is send TFT HK a photo of a healthy meal on Facebook and a nutritious meal will be donated to via TFT programs to school-children suffering from malnutrition  

Partnering with TFT meant that after I sent a picture of a healthy meal (in my case, it was a modified tuna nicoise salad with cabbage, new potatoes, olives, carrots, baby tomatoes and a balsamic vinegar dressing), I unlocked the 7th Meal For A Meal donation and I was sent a care package by the team at TFT.

My Meal For A Meal healthy dish
My Meal For A Meal healthy dish

This care package contained a lovely message from the team as well as white rice grains, a packet of pickled vegetables and chili sauce which many Chinese children survive on, on a daily basis. While these may sustain them, this sorely lacks nutritious and fresh food.

TFT Meal For A Meal care package
TFT Meal For A Meal care package

IMG_6765 IMG_6762 IMG_6766

The question posed by the team was what I would add to these ingredients to make it a healthy meal? I confess I am actually a big fan of pickled vegetables and I do cook with them from time to time, and I almost always stir-fry some minced pork (protein) and add a variety of greens such as sugar snap peas and broccoli together with sliced carrots and bamboo shoots and serve with brown rice. Or I will add glass noodles to my stir-fry instead. It is a delicious and I think, quite a nutritious meal once all the vegetables are in. Unfortunately, since I received my care package I haven’t had a chance as yet to use my pickled vegetables and rice, but once I do, I will show post a picture of my stir-fry!

In the meantime, I hope that you take a moment to think about TFT’s message and not only look after your own body but also have a think about those in need and maybe visit one of their participating restaurants in the scheme. There are a fair few to choose from including Kyoto Joe, Herbivores, Xi Yan Private Dining and Lux Bar and Tapas. There are also some food-related businesses involved including my friend’s company Health Addiction which is a vending machine operator that stocks healthy snacks and bars in offices and schools.

There are only 2 days left of the ‘Meal For A Meal’ #biteforchange campaign, so send a photo of your healthy meal and make a difference to someone’s life.


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Michelle Ng is a Brit born Chinese-Malaysian who has loved food since time immemorial. She is a firm believer in "Live to Eat, not Eat to Live".

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