Musings of a bon vivant in Hong Kong


If you have stopped to peruse this blog, it is probably because you are hungry, like I am, most of the time. Or you like to torture yourself with pictures of food and salivate over the computer, which is also what I like to do!

Hello and welcome to Chopstixfix! My name is Michelle Ng and I am a Brit-born, Penang and North London-raised, Chinese-Malaysian (very confusing I know, do try and keep up 😛 ). Just to add to the apparent exoticism of my upbringing and heritage, I am now living in Hong Kong, having relocated to this fine city in 2009.

What made me start Chopstixfix? After moving to HK and spending a good few months investigating all the culinary delights on offer and expanding my waistline, I decided to put my vast collection of food photos to use and create the blog in 2010 to keep a log of my gluttony and as a way of helping friends and family work out what they wanted to eat when they came to visit. Chopstixfix has now evolved to become my fairly serious but fun hobby where I give you my thoughts on restaurants, write about all kinds of food, (I am not averse to writing about biscuits or instant noodles) and other food-related activities and document my slapdash kitchen experiments.

Unless otherwise stated, all the meals, snacks and noodles are paid for by me. The views and opinions of the restaurants are mine only, and I am aware that not everyone will have the same taste-buds as me, so please bear that in mind!

Aside from Chopstixfix, I dabble in some freelance writing. To see where I have contributed, please see here.

Beyond the blog, you can also find me on:




Finally, few things about me:

  • I spent the early part of my childhood in Penang, and as a result I love eating weird things like durian and intestines and I have a love affair with Assam Laksa.
  • One of my favourite tipples is Amaretto Sours, though I have been known to knock back Jägerbombs with ease. If you ever find a bar that does good Amaretto Sours, please tell me!!
  • Bacon is my best friend and my favourite part of a KFC meal is the chicken skin.
  • I adore apple crumble.
  • I love 80s music and will challenge anyone to an 80s karaoke sing-off.
  • I ran the UNICEF half-marathon for the first, (and last) time in November 2012 and carbo-loaded the night before with Thanksgiving dinner and truffle mac’n’cheese.
  • I am a bit of a Trekkie. Live long and prosper people!
  • A school friend once called me the Human Dustbin because I used to eat her leftovers or anything that she did not like. Not the best nickname.
  • I can make a pretty mean pea risotto.
  • My Cantonese is terrible, but I like to think I sound ‘local’ when giving directions to my place to the taxi driver.


9 thoughts on “About

  1. i see you are working your way towards being food critic extraordinaire! you’d better take me on the dinner dates when people start paying you for this!

  2. love your blog keep writing. I like Cong Sao post.

    I am the founder of, feel free to upload + share photos.


  3. 🙂 Found this site after you were talked about on a recent holiday with the boys and am very impressed Michelle. Seems you have turned into a great food critic, congrats.

    Hopefully catch up soon altho looks like I will have to come to Hong Kong ;).

    Downsy x

    • Downsy!! Aww thanks 🙂 Hope everything’s okay with you, please try and keep in touch? Drop me an email or FB msg.

      Haha yeah maybe you’ll have to come out to HK for a visit. Ta for reading the blog xx

  4. I visit Hong Kong every year, but never had visited a gourmet paradise … Compliment to the beautiful photos, I get hungry!
    cu (?)

  5. Your blog is so cool and I want to do that too. Keep it up!

  6. As a foodie and someone who religiously follows your blog, I recently opened a restaurant in Causeway Bay called Maizuru (舞鶴) which specialises in omakase style dinner and authentic Japanese lunch sets with ingredients flown straight from Japan. Would be great if you could pop by for a try when available. Please email me at or go to our openrice page ( or check out our IG page at ( if you need address details or want to take a look at what people have eaten. Although I may be slightly biased, the food is amazing!

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