Musings of a bon vivant in Hong Kong

Contact me

If you like the way I write and are interested in getting in touch regarding potential opportunities, please drop me a line.

All invitations to tastings and events are welcome. Unless there has been prior agreement, I will, but not always, write or post about the tasting or event either on this blog or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Please make sure you say what you expect, if anything, from the invitation.

If you would like to discuss any sponsorship or product reviews with me, please also feel free to get in contact and let me know exactly what your expectations are.

Please note that it will be made clear on the blog or on the other social media platforms if I have attended a tasting or event by invitation and if a product is sponsored. It is very important to me that the integrity of Chopstixfix is maintained, and I will reserve the right to express my opinions on the tastings/ events/ products.

AND, if you just want to say hello, or you have any questions, comments or exciting recipes or tips that you wish to share with me, don’t hesitate in dropping me a line!

You can either use the below contact form or email me at chopstixfix AT gmail dot com

Thank you!!


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